As a Chair at TEC Canada, Michelle is the facilitator of a peer advisory group for CEOs and business owners. 

Group members provide each other with constructive feedback and help in finding creative solutions to business challenges. Members also experience presentations from high-calibre speakers and have access to 10 one-to-one coaching sessions with a professionally trained coach. As facilitator and coach, Michelle helps provide an intellectual and creativity-stimulating environment. Her group is very collaborative, with members challenging each other to expand their knowledge and think outside the box.

Each group consists of up to 16 CEOs and business owners from diverse backgrounds. Michelle’s TEC members are committed to learning and growing and give and receive feedback in a direct and caring manner. Members must be CEOs or owners of businesses with between 5 and 50 employees and be seeking to grow and expand their business. 

How to get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Michelle to set up an introductory meeting. These meetings are so both parties can assess fit. Introductory meetings are informal and last about an hour. If you would like more information about TEC Canada, please visit their website


Questions about Michelle's TEC group?


How often do TEC members meet?

The group meets for 8 full days each year plus a 2 day annual retreat for a total of 10 days a year.  In addition, group members benefit from 10 personalized coaching sessions per year.

What is unique about Michelle's TEC group?

Michelle’s TEC group consists of CEOs or owners of small to mid-sized businesses. All members are very committed to the group and actively participate in meetings. Michelle’s group members come from diverse industries – bringing insights from various disciplines for creative solutions to business problems. 

What makes Michelle a good TEC chair?

Michelle excels at her position because of her enthusiastic but direct approach. She constantly challenges her members in a fun way to think differently while maintaining clarity and creativity in the environment she creates.

What if I would like to be in TEC bit I don't fit your requirements for members?

If you do not fit the requirements for Michelle’s group but are still interested in TEC, there may be other groups for you. Please contact us to receive more information on other TEC groups in Ottawa.