Not only a coach, but a businesswoman with over 30 years’ experience, Michelle knows what it takes to succeed in the corporate world. With her firsthand knowledge of business and passion for coaching, she will help you achieve the results you’re looking for. 


I’ve worked closely with Michelle Van Tol for the past 5 years, and have nothing but praise for the work she has done for us. The results speak for themselves, as we’ve evolved from a struggling service-based business to a viable product-based business designed for future scalability. Many technology companies never make it to the other side of the service to product transition, and we might well have been one of them if it weren’t for Michelle’s experience, insights, and caring honesty that have helped us make the hard but necessary decisions that now have us on the right path for the future. I would highly recommend Michelle to any technology CEO who wants to realistically view and build their company through an appropriate financial lens, and become a better CEO in the process.
— Dave McIlhagga, CEO, DM Solutions Group


Benefit from Michelle's expertise today


Clarity. Confidence. Results.

Michelle applies a proven coaching process to get you where you want to be. Your goals are always the focus of each session, with steps consistently being made to turn your efforts into concrete, measurable results. 


The Process

At MVT Coaching, the process is results-focused

Together, you will identify the meta-goal (vision) that you want to focus on — the big overarching goal that will move you and your business significantly forward. This big goal is then broken down into smaller, more concrete goals. Each session begins with an accountability component, where Michelle will check-in on the progress made since your last session.  You will then focus on the goal/topic for that day’s session and work together to explore it so that you fully understand it.  Finally, Michelle will help you develop an action plan to achieve the goal and you will work on this action plan between sessions.

The result after multiple sessions is that you will have made demonstrable progress toward your meta-goal. Progress is critical to Michelle’s coaching strategy, and she will motivate you to make the changes to you need to succeed. 

Let's discuss getting started on your personalized coaching plan

Michelle has a very methodical and logical way of approaching problems, which is very helpful when facing emotional decisions. She has a very strong EQ (emotional quotient), and understands your perspective on the issues that you are facing. Michelle challenges your point of view and the assumptions that you make, encouraging you to think from a different perspective. Her guidance is always directed towards an action. During a coaching session you work through a problem, so that by the end of the session you form your own action plan. Over the past two years working with Michelle, I’ve grown to really trust and respect her professionally and personally. She has helped me make and execute some very tough decisions - with positive results!
— Michael Kravshik, CPA, CA, MA, Founder of Luminari


What makes MVTs process unique?

MVTs process is uniquely results focused – we like you to be able to see the progress you are making by setting tangible goals to achieve. We also pride ourselves in constantly challenging our clients to consider new perspectives to improve their business.

How much time does coaching take?

Coaching sessions are one hour in duration, and generally are scheduled 2 times per month depending on the needs of the client.