Michelle Van Tol

When she was 17, Michelle picked up a book her Dad had been reading. The book was the bestselling personal development book – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.   Michelle devoured the book, sparking her love of the genre and leading her down her own path of personal development.  Michelle brings her passion for growth and change to others through her coaching.

Michelle is a senior business executive with over 30 years’ experience in multiple industries including technology, professional services, construction and family-owned businesses. She has garnered her experience by working as a CFO and trusted senior advisor to CEOs in entrepreneurial organizations. As an integral member of these companies, she has a deep understanding of how entrepreneur-led businesses function on both an individual and systemic level. 

Michelle created her consulting company, Cashia Consulting Corp., to provide virtual CFO services and later became a founding partner of Van Tol Kelly. During this time, she also focused on mentoring the next generation of businesspeople through teaching in the MBA program at the University of Ottawa and working as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Invest Ottawa.  Inspired by the coaching aspects of her previous positions, Michelle made the decision pursue her newest ventures – MVT Coaching and TEC Canada.

Energetic, driven and thorough, Michelle brings her personality to every project she tackles. Her coaching style is direct and analytical while still warm and full of enthusiasm. Michelle is passionate about self-development. Having first taken an interest in the area in the beginning of her career, she remains proficient in the literature and research to date.  She continuously applies her learning to both her own life and the lives of her clients, making her an especially engaged coach. 

A Chartered Professional Accountant, Michelle also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Carleton University, an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Ottawa as well as her Personal and Professional Coaching Certificate from Concordia University.


Most MVT Coaching clients can identify with one or more of the following statements:



You are ambitious, driven and dedicated to growing your business, and want the support of a coach to help you stay focused and accountable to meeting your ambitious goals.




You are at a critical transition point in your business (M&A, high growth, cash flow challenges) and need the support of an experienced business coach to maneuver through your next steps.




You may be facing roadblocks to growing your business profitably and looking for help in clarifying what the roadblocks are and identifying the best actions to resolve them.




You may be overwhelmed by the many competing demands of your business and want to be able to better prioritize to have the highest impact with, the least amount of time.




Your work may be holding you back from other goals in your life and need help to balance the success in your work while still fulfilling other goals in life. 


By working with Michelle I was able to gain clarity. She helped me identify and consider creative solutions to address both challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for our business. She really helps you peel back the layers of the onion to get at the core issues that need to be addressed; she looks at the root causes of the problems – not just the symptoms. Michelle asks the tough questions that you might be afraid to ask yourself, and challenges your point of view so that you consider all options. She has helped me paint a stronger vision of the future, and contributed substantially to the financial success that The Delphi Group has had. I am very happy to say that we finalized many deals with Michelle’s calm support during high-stress times.
— Mike Gerbis, CEO, The Delphi Group